Mendanau Island, the authentic charm:

The island of Mendanau is a small jewel of Mangrove and primary forests. On this island rich in different minerals, the economy is based on the cultivation of pepper, fishing and honey harvesting. The various manifestations of its inhabitants have preserved it from mining operations.

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We invite you to discover this little piece of land with quiet charm. According to your wishes, we can organize a day with 4 hours of hiking and a return by boat, mixing the pleasures of the forest and snorkeling (snorkeling), or extend your stay with one or two nights in a of the two villages of the island.

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There are very few cars on the island, it is usual to go there by motorbike. However, if the bike scares you, we can also find you a car.

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The nights on the island of Mendanau, are calm and clean with serenity. There is no hotel, but there are homestays. Its inhabitants are very welcoming, they will be happy to make you discover its endemic squirrels, its mangrove and its rare beaches of white sand.

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