Here is a section that we will fill as and when. We will endeavor to make an exhaustive presentation of the traditions of the island.

At the crossroads of maritime routes, the traditions of Belitung have been enriched by the different peoples who came to populate it. The majority Melayu has its own traditions, but also mixed traditions of Java, Chinese traditions, those of the people of the sea and those of the Balinese. Each of these traditions cohabit and it is not uncommon to see traditional Belitung dances, given with typically Chinese Dragons dances. Thus, if the people of the sea make a ceremony for the sea called Buang Jong, there is also the typical Melayu sea festival orchestrated by the Dukuns of the villages …

Pak Uté Zull  Sea Dukun 

Dukun Belitung Indonésie

Kuda Lumping :

Kuda Lumping Belitung Go Belitung

Nyrok Nanggok :

Nyrok-Nanggok Kembiri Belitung Go Belitung

Gula Merah :

gula merah Belitung Go Belitung