quand l'extraordinaire rejoind le sublime Go Belitung

Incredible, sublime and delicious morning with Arsel: total solar eclipse of March 9, 2016 in Belitung

Total solar eclipse 9 March 2016 from Belitung with the Arsel community

Need to wake up this morning on March 9, to go to the place he chose to see the total solar eclipse of Belitung. There was even a traffic jam at the Tanjung Pandan exit at 2 am for those who decided to go to Manggar and also enjoy the sunrise the sea before a total solar eclipse ....

We naturally chose to share this moment with our friends from Arsel to Aik Selumar, which offered two places: one in the forest on the hill of Bukit Peramun and the second near their island, placed in a river, in an old tin mine. .. By respecting our customers and fear of prosperity in the forest, we have chosen this second place:

It was sublime: the clouds just push a little to enlarge the show ...

Greening: a contract between the Arsel community and PT TIMAH

Small parentheses: on February 24, 2016 an "important" contract was signed between the tin mining company, PT TIMAH and the Arsel community. The company bequeaths part of its land exploited and repeats the association, which is responsible for replanting trees for eternal reforestation ...: a good victory from the people who still see, well, their businesses are recognized and their natural protection is serious.

Rencontre Arsel Pt Timah Belitung Indonésie Signature du contrat entre Arsel et Pt Timah Belitung Indonésie

Selfy Belitung Indonésie

Selfy Belitung Indonésie

Reforestation, Liberation of Tarsiers and initiation to Nyrok Nanggkok

As part of collaboration with schools, this morning March 9 was the opportunity to plant more than 300 trees from different species on this land which was recently given by PT TIMAH, then, we were able to witness the restitution of Tarsius to its natural environment in TPA protected area by the Arsel association. This tarsier was captured by a friend of Arsel near his house who was surrounded by plantations but still had several trees but not enough for animals ... We all hoped for a good way to GMT (total sunny day, total solar eclipse), the name given to primates this small, which is quickly hidden at the top of the tree.

Then, the school students were initiated to enjoy Nyrok Nanggkok, a traditional Belitung fisherman.