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Unlike the Indian Ocean, the Belitung Sea is extremely calm ... With its "closed" sea position and below the equator it suffers only one tide a day, so it's a sea with very little current. With little slope, its white sand beaches and granite stones are ideal for children and will remind you of Sechelles beaches.

Enjoy short stays to discover the charm of these uncrowded and unforgettable beaches, and snorkeling the beauty of its corals ...

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We have the habit of making you discover these islands without knowing the movements of the groups of tourists, to be able to organize at your will, the times of snorkeling or swimming. We are the only ones who can offer you the sunset on an island and a return under the stars. A whole day for a change of scenery ...

Tanjung Tinggi Beach :

The beach of Tanjung Tinggi is certainly the most famous and the most frequented. Nestled at the bottom of a natural cove of majestic Granite Rock it offers practically all year round idyllic swimming conditions for the whole family. This is the movie "The Laskars Pelangi" (the rainbow warriors), Indonesian bestseller, who made known Belitung to the general public, including the scene where the children protagonists of history play in the labyrinth of his stones ...

On the right of the creek, snorkelers will find a few brews of the beaches corals.

Tanjung Kelayang beach ...

Although this beach is the starting point of the island tours for Lengkuas, and therefore has a strong tourist activity, it is large enough (several km) to give you the opportunity to swim and snorkel on its corals. There are always sea turtles in front of Tanjung Kelayang beach ...

Penyabon Beach :

In the southeast of Belitung, this beach will remind you of Tanjung Tinggi. On the road, before the beach of Penyabon we invite you to climb the largest granite stone on the island: Batu Baginda.

Burung Mandi Beach

This beach is one of the few in Belitung West where you can swim without fear of crossing a crocodile (do not try the devil on others) ... The Burung Mandi beach is nestled in a creek lined with forest, its undeniable charm is reinforced by the presence of Katers, these traditional outrigger canoes used only there.

With its Chinese temple dedicated to the goddess of the sea Dewi Kwan Im, it is one of the essentials of Belitung ...

Bukit Peramun

A few km from the beaches of Tanjung Tinggi, we also offer the primary forest Bukit Peramun. Ideal place to walk for the hot hours, this forest of 115 hectares protected by the Arsel community contains treasures of fauna and flora still unknown. The association offers to search for the endemic Tarsius of Belitung in the early hours of the night ...

Gusong Bugis

Encore un endroit protégé par une association : la plage de Gusong Bugis et ses 900 hectares de forêts et mangroves attenantes. En face de la ville de Tanjung Pandan, de l'autre cote de l'estuaire, venez découvrir son trekking dans la mangrove et son spot pour les coucher de soleil imprenable...

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