Dukun :

Pak Ute Zull dukun de la mer Belitung Indonésie

Pak Ute Zull dukun de la mer Belitung

One of my customers told me Malaysia one day "all the peoples of Asia, the 2 most countries known for magic are Thailand and Indonesia, but I think that magic is stronger in Indonesia ... ".

Magic is the secret garden of Indonesians: they do not speak openly, but if you approach this with them, you'll be amazed at how even the point all have at least one story to tell ... (NDA).

A Belitung, magic rule every act of life. If you buy a car, if you move, you must make the report to dukun village that will take you under his protection. If you enter the forest, if you approach a desert island, if you just want to pee in the bushes, ask permission ... to whom?, The nature that surrounds you, the spirit world, invisible to our eyes, but which shares the same land space ....

Belitung's dukuns have an established function: they are the protectors of the village healers of the people. Not gifted people who say dukuns magic, they are chosen by the people to fulfill their function. Often have older people because they have to stay in the village and be searchable at all times.

It was not so long ago, dukuns worked with spirits, now and in respect for Islam, they work with the angels and their means asking God ...

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