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Coming to Belitung without see its seabed is like visiting Paris without see the Eiffel Tower ...

A few meters from the beach or boat, the Belitung corals are beautifully preserved and still hold surprises. The island's habitants jealously guard their conservation, prohibiting all mining seabed and fisheries bomb or with poison.
Belitung sea is shallow (max. 45 m). It is almost a closed sea, it offers, rare exceptions, little current. It is an ideal site for snorkeling.

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We intend to accompany you on excursions, to discover its riches on our chosen spots, safely, from the beaches or traditional boat.

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Depending on the tide, the corals are deeply immersed in water or flowers. High tides are generally more conducive to meet the big fish who coming approximate odds to hunting but require good swimming ability .... Plan your trip with this web site:


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